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Printing Belts
Users of automated machinery such as Miehle, Miller, Marinoni, Muller-Martini, Goss, Baum, Heidelberg, Harris and others have relied on Michigan Industrial Belting to provide tapes and round belts for those demanding applications where down time simple cannot be tolerated. We maintain a large inventory of Habasit, Nitta, Siegling and many other manufacturer's belting. Our expertise allows us to custom cut and make all widths and lengths. We understand the needs of customers who print paper. Our belts don't stretch or mark the paper, they dissipate static electricity, and are easy for you to join while on your machine.
Machine Tapes
A carefully designed and balanced product assortment allows you to apply the right machine tape for even the most challenging applications. High friction rubber covers provide aggressive grabbing power for accurate paper processing. Abrasion resistant elastomers lead to long tape life. Special surface structures reduce ink transfer and result in maximum performance under normal and adverse running conditions. Special rubber formulas provide printing solution, oil and chemical resistance. printing belts
urethane orange v belting Round Belting Available in different colors- Orange, Blue Clear, Red. Available in roll form or made to size endless. 85 shore A.
orange round belting Urethane V Belting Standard V Sections 3L, Twin 3L, A, Twin A, B, C, D.


Habasit Polycord Belting
hardness 90 shore A
Min -4 °F
Max 122 °F

Belt type Dimensions (in) Dimensions (mm) Belt type Dimension (in) Dimensions (mm)
R-2 .079" 2mm R-7 .276" 7mm
R-3 .118" 3mm R-8 .315" 8mm
R-4 .157" 4mm R-10 .394" 10mm
R-5 .197" 5mm R-12 .472" 12mm
R-6 .236" 6mm R-15 .591 15mm
Applications: Light power transmission and conveyance.
Features: Habasit polycord round belts are highly flexible, elastic, and are able to flex in any direction.
Operating Conditions: Polycord round belts are resistant to water, oils, greases, and a variety of solvents with limited resistance to acids and alkaline solutions.
Feed Belts
Michigan Industrial belting is the ultimate source for custom fabricated belting. We pride ourselves in our ability to fulfill our customer's specific needs by offering many quality fabrication services.

Fabrication Tools
We offer a complete line of joining tools for both flat and round belts. Contact us to determine the best tools for your applications.

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Linatex, natural rubber, neoprene, urethane, silicones, foams, sponges and a variety of combinations. Materials can be vulcanized to all base belts.

Printing Belts | Habasit Belting | Habasit Belts | Screen Process BeltingLinatex
This natural rubber backing has good tear resilience and excellent cut resistance. The high coefficient of friction makes this backing extremely versatile in general conveying applications. It can be offered in endless form when there are concerns about splice delamination.

Screen Process Belting
Coated fiberglass conveyor belts have been used in Screen print industry for many years as a surface to convey printed materials through a dryer oven. Over the years the belts have been reasonably durable and have exhibited a long life in application. With the increased use of UV dryers, along with the demand for heavier products to be conveyed, the traditional belts have not performed as favorably. This is due primarily to the elevated temperatures with the UV Systems and the mechanical abuse due to the heavier payloads being conveyed. Our new products were developed to enhance the conveying operation of both IR and UV drying ovens. This enable the belt to withstand more mechanical and thermal degradation than the standard industry belts.
Printing Belts | Habasit Belting | Habasit Belts | Screen Process Belting

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