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Goodyear Eagle Belt

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A revolutionary breakthrough in synchronous belt technology-Much more than an alternative to chain and V-belt drives, Goodyear's Eagle Pd is a total product enchancement that can improve the performance of your drive design. Eagle pd's unique H.O.T. (Helical Offset Tooth) design provides a continous rolling tooth engagement to create a lighter, quieter, reduced vibration, flangeless drive to maximize both the performance and efficiency of your drive system. This belt is lighter, narrower drives the self tracking design of Eagle Pd it eliminates the need for sprocket flanges, which reduces face width and weight. The belt is also bidirectional for use in reverse drive applications.

Eagle NRG Synchrounous Belt


eagle nrg belt

Goodyear E a g l e NRG ™ Synchrounous Belt

Yellow White Purple Blue Green Orange Red
Y-640 W-640   B-994 G-994    
Y-720 W-720 P-720 B-1120 G-1120 O-1120  
Y-800 W-800 P-800 B-1190 G-1260 O-1190  
Y-896 W-896 P-896 B-1260 G-1400 O-1260 R-1260
Y-1000 W-1000 P-1000 B-1400 G-1568 O-1400 R-1400
Y-1120 W-1120 P-1120 B-1568 G-1750 O-1568 R-1568
Y-1200 W-1200 P-1200 B-1750 G-1960 O-1750 R-1750
Y-1280 W-1280 P-1280 B-1960 G-2100 O-1960 R-1960
Y-1440 W-1440 P-1440 B-2100 G-2240 O-2100 R-2100
Y-1600 W-1600 P-1600 B-2240 G-2380 O-2240 R-2240
Y-1792 W-1792   B-2380 G-2520 O-2380 R-2380
Y-2000 W-2000   B-2520 G-2660 O-2520 R-2520
Y-2240 W-2240   B-2660   O-2660 R-2660


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Matching Belt to Sprocket has never been easier:

  • The Eagle pd Color Spectrum System makes it the easiest power transmission drive to sell, purchase, and install
  • The part numbering system ro Eagle Pd centers around a color coded sizing system for the belts and sprockets. Each belt and sprocket part number includes a letter corresponding to a color and is also branded in that color. The letters Y,W,P,B,G,O, and R indiacate the colors Yellow, White, Purple, Blue, Green, Orange, and Red. All Yellow belts are designed to function with all Yellow sprockets, as is the case for the White, Purple Blue, Green, Orange and Red sizes.
  • An example of the part numbering system nomenclature for belts, sprockets, and bushings follows:
  • G - 2800
  • G = Green Color
  • 2800 = 2800 mm Pitch Length
  • Y- 896
  • Y = Yellow Color
  • 896 = 896 mm Pitch Length


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